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Culture and Employee Engagement

Peter Drucker once said that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Think about that powerful statement! Simply, the success of all the best-laid plans and strategies for change, innovation and growth rely totally and completely in the hands of the people we hire, develop and interact with day after day. In order to thrive, and even survive, an organization must create a healthy culture. It is essential to foster trust, loyalty, and confidence, facilitate and embrace change and enable creativity and new ideas to flourish. Let M3 Consulting help you be that organization!

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Total Rewards

It is a science and an art to effectively provide employees a competitive and equitable level of base pay and benefits as well as those programs that engage employees, motivate the best possible performance and appropriately reward for achievement and contributions. A well-balanced portfolio of traditional and non-traditional techniques will reflect the uniqueness of each organization and the needs of those being impacted. M3 Consulting’s approach is to design a comprehensive Total Reward strategy that is meaningful for employees, cost-effective and in-line with an organization’s mission and purpose.

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Competitive Pay & Equity Analysis

Rapid growth in an emerging market can result in a patchwork quilt of base pay and incentive packages.  Current employees may question pay practices and raise equity concerns, senior managers question the burdensome overhead costs and HR folks question how to offer attractive pay to new hires without breaking the bank and upsetting the applecart.

The challenge of paying employees “right” is common not only for high growth, start-up companies but for any company that needs to compete in a dynamic and job-rich market.

It takes expertise in pay practices, an analytical approach to assess the competitiveness of pay within a market, the objectivity to identify pay inequities within a diverse workforce as well as the judgment to recommend innovative and practical solutions.

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