M3 Consulting 

Using over 30 years of  Knowledge, Passion, and Visionary Leadership To Help Companies Design Human Resource Solutions

M3 Consulting was founded for the purpose of providing guidance to for-profit and non-profit firms in value-based human resources, total rewards, and organizational management. M3 Consulting teaches and encourages clients to establish sound leadership and business practices that promote a healthy, positive culture.

After being in the corporate world for over thirty-five years, the M3 Consulting founder realized the importance and necessity of organizations to differentiate themselves in highly competitive markets. By helping clients to establish and promote a healthy, positive culture through value-based leadership, competitive pay analysis, salary surveys, compensation systems, incentive plans, integrated into business practices that greatly improve an organization’s success.

To this end, “M3” or Mission Minded Margins was created based on the concept that organizations will thrive and their profit margins will expand if they live their mission.

Target Clients

Municipalities, small to large healthcare institutions, in addition to established privately held companies, start-up, and non-profit organizations.

Core Values

  • We believe that success begins with purpose and meaning
  • We believe that all stakeholders* can prosper
  • We respect and genuinely seek understanding of the needs of all stakeholders*
  • We do not prejudge or discount the values and beliefs of others with pre-conceived notions or ego
  • We allow thoughts, views, opinions, ideas, and possibilities surface without interruption or filters
  • We believe in transparency and communicating timely, clearly and simply
  • We respect the dignity and equality of all peoples
  • We strive for mutually beneficial solutions
  • We believe that when difficult decisions need to be made, they be made with compassion and complete honesty for those impacted
  • We will only engage clients that share our mission, vision and values

* Stakeholders are defined as employees at all levels, candidates, investors, suppliers, customers/clients, as well as the community and the environment.